Welcome to Camp Sundown!

This is lovely Camp Sundown Road - getting  here is half the fun, You will be driving thru historic and beautiful scenic  forest.... It is actually one mile on a dirt road to "Sheltie Heaven" as we like to call it. You will be greeted by the pack at the gate. Come and visit anytime. 1241 Campsundown Rd N W Bremerton, WA......Linda
Camp Sundown

Until one has loved A Sheltie, part of their soul remains unawakened

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I need to get some later pictures. these were born August 28th 2014... very fancy litter.  Out of my 50 50 sable and white female and by a bi blue Bandi shown on a different page.
picture taken 8/25.  the blue merel is hidden

On Right is Pete as a baby.  On left currently 8/25/2014 Almost grown under 14 inches. 
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below is Jazz and Cooper male puppy.  Born July 18th this year.  On your Left is two females born July 27th The Blue one on right is sols the other is a femal Sable and white.  Coopers puppies